Find tough and affordable used Trucks at Brenner Pre-Owned. Choose the make, model, mileage, price and more for your next pre-owned truck. Whether you're looking for a smaller pickup or a full-sized truck or even a diesel engine, our dealership has you covered with plenty of affordable options.

Used Trucks for Sale at Brenner Pre-Owned in Mechanicsburg, PA

Do you know for a fact that you want to buy a previously-owned pickup? If you're certain that you only have the budget to afford a used truck, choose a pre-owned dealership in Mechanicsburg. Brenner Pre-Owned has a fully-stocked, assorted inventory If you're looking to replace your current pickup or heavy duty truck. You can buy a used truck in mechanicsburg from popular automakers like Ford, Chevy, GMB, Toyota, Ram, Nissan and Honda.

 Our pre-owned truck selection ranges from compact to full-size pickups. Every truck shopper is different. What do you plan on hauling around Mechanicsburg? Do you have heavy-duty construction or agricultural equipment? What about a family boat, pair of jet skis, or camper? Whatever you want to load or hook up, there's the perfect truck for sale at Brenner Pre-Owned. 

Get Flexible Financing on Your Used Pickup Truck

As a pre-owned dealership in Mechanicsburg, we've seen every type of credit score. We have the resources to outline a flexible finance solution on your used Chevy truck. You can apply to finance your pre-owned pickup online. If you have a truck to trade, you can uncover its worth with our Value Your Trade tool. There's also a Payment Calculator that can give you an estimate of your monthly truck payment. If you have any concerns about affording a used Ford truck, let us know.

Your friends at Brenner Pre-Owned will make it possible for you to get the keys to the used Ram truck that you've always dreamed of owning in Mechanicsburg, PA.