A Loss of Power

If you've ever been stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery, you might wonder what would cause the issue. There are several things that can impact your battery, especially extreme temperatures. Warmer temperatures in the summer tend to put more strain on the battery than cold weather. Evaporation can decrease the amount of fluid in the battery. Overcharging could occur due to the higher temperatures as well.

Cold weather can lower the battery's power output, making it difficult to start the vehicle.

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Driving in the Rain

In the majority of states across the country, rainstorms occur. Driving through drizzle or a heavy downpour poses a hazard if drivers do not know how to handle the vehicle under these conditions. When rain begins to fall, oil and debris on roadways become mixed with the moisture to create a slippery hazard. Take this into consideration and drive slower than usual. Heavy rains cause an abundance of water on the road, which often results in hydroplaning. 

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