Even if the winter was fairly mild around Mifflintown this year, you’ll still want to do a bit of a spring cleaning and engine preparation to your vehicle for the spring and summer seasons ahead. The service professionals at Brenner Pre-Owned in Mechanicsburg want to help do our part. Just a little engine care, tire maintenance, and general upkeep will have you ready for that impromptu picnic drive or last-minute road trip during the long summer ahead.

Engine Inspection

Your technician can look at the state of the hoses, gaskets, wires, and belts that make up various engine systems and can cause unexpected trouble should they fail. They’ll also check fluid levels and top them up or replace them if they’re low, engine oil being among the most important. Your battery can also fail in hot temperatures, so a strength test will give you peace of mind if your battery’s getting old.

Your engine has several filters that need to be changed regularly in order for your engine to run efficiently, especially your air intake and oil filters. Maintenance like this will improve fuel efficiency, a great way to save money at the pump. It will also lower engine temperature and help it keep from overheating.

Tire Changeover

Now is the perfect time to put on a set of summer tires. Pavement reaches scorching temperatures in the summer sun, causing tires meant for winter or cooler temperatures to lose their grip on the road. Summer tires have a chemical composition that keeps them stiffer at hot temperatures. Their tread pattern also allows for better contact with the road when you’re driving around [GEO]. You can have your current tires rotated, and their pressure checked if you’re not planning on changing tire types for the summer.

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