If you're sick of driving the same car everywhere you go, it might be time for an upgrade. Maybe you have a vehicle collecting dust in your driveway, and you just want to get rid of it. Here in Mechanicsburg, we're here to help. You can trade your current ride in for one of our fantastic pre-owned models, or you can just sell it, with no obligation to buy anything from us.

Use a Trade-In to Lower Your Down Payment

Trade-ins are a great way to make buying your next vehicle affordable, and with our already great-value used inventory, trading your car for one of ours can be very inexpensive. If you'd like to know what your car is worth, make sure to use our online appraisal tool. That way, you can budget for your next car confidently.

Sell Your Car for What It's Worth

If you're not interested in getting a replacement car, no problem! We're happy to pay you cash for your old ride. Not only do you get money in your pockets quick, but we also get to offer your vehicle to other Harrisburg drivers who might need it. You can use the same appraisal tool as if you were trading it in, or just bring it down to Mechanicsburg. We can inspect your car quickly and give you a fair price for it the same day.

Why Sell Your Old Vehicle to Brenner Pre-Owned?

While it's true you could sell it yourself, a lot of Carlisle customers don't realize how much work that really is until they're already invested. You'll need to advertise it to people, entertain prospective buyers with showings and test drives, prepare paperwork and continue to pay for gas, insurance and maintenance all the while. At Brenner Pre-Owned, you can skip all of that and get straight to the sale.

Whether you want to trade or sell, come down to Brenner Pre-Owned for a fair price and excellent customer service.