Mechanicsburg Residents with Bad Credit Can Find an Automotive Solution with Our Finance Team


For those in Mechanicsburg who are in need of a vehicle, but because of your bad credit, many dealerships are turning you away, stop in and see us at Brenner Pre-Owned, because we won't! We work with all kinds of credit situations including bad credit as we can help you find a way to finance your vehicle in Mechanicsburg and get the car you need!

We're understanding that a used car like the ones you'll be able to find here are what you need to get to work, school, run errands and live your life where cars are important to your ability to get around. That's why you're going to find a standout collection, but also our finance team who is here to help those with bad credit as we provide you with a number of different ways you can go about paying for your vehicle. We will highlight all these options first then match you with the vehicles that you can afford, and give you a clear-cut understanding of your monthly payment and how making timely payments can go a long way toward putting you in good graces with credit agencies.

That, and you're able to drive off in a quality ride that you can count on and feel good about. If you'd like to learn more about the selection of used cars we have in Mechanicsburg, stop in and see us at Brenner Pre-Owned as we'd be happy to discuss all the options and how those with bad credit can find financing and get the vehicle they need soon.

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