A Loss of Power

If you've ever been stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery, you might wonder what would cause the issue. There are several things that can impact your battery, especially extreme temperatures. Warmer temperatures in the summer tend to put more strain on the battery than cold weather. Evaporation can decrease the amount of fluid in the battery. Overcharging could occur due to the higher temperatures as well.

Cold weather can lower the battery's power output, making it difficult to start the vehicle. The recharge rate of the battery is slower in colder temperatures. Since the oil in the engine is usually thicker in the winter, it takes more power from the battery to power the vehicle, which can have an impact on how it operates.

If you believe that your battery needs to be charged or that you need a new battery, visit our service center at Brenner Pre-Owned in Harrisburg, PA. Someone can check the power output to determine how much life your battery has left and if there are other electrical issues that should be addressed.

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