In the majority of states across the country, rainstorms occur. Driving through drizzle or a heavy downpour poses a hazard if drivers do not know how to handle the vehicle under these conditions. When rain begins to fall, oil and debris on roadways become mixed with the moisture to create a slippery hazard. Take this into consideration and drive slower than usual. Heavy rains cause an abundance of water on the road, which often results in hydroplaning. The vehicle is in effect surfing along the top of the water.

To prevent hydroplaning, drivers should again slow down. The slippery conditions of the roads also mean that it will take longer distances to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. As such, stay further away from vehicles in the front to prevent a possible collision. The bleak, dark conditions during storms necessitate putting on your headlights for safety. Stay safe on the road by having your vehicle regularly serviced in our service center at Brenner Pre-Owned.

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